Pinion — Nice-looking interactive diagrams for KiCAD PCBs

Pinion is a simple tool that allows you to make a nice-looking pinout diagrams for your PCBs like this (see also a standalone version). For the sake of clarity what is documentation and what is the diagram, we put it inside a frame — in production, you can seamlessly include it in your page.

The diagrams are static HTML & Javascript files that you can easily include in your documentation. You do not need any backend, so you can easily serve them on your web page or Github pages. It is really simple!

You can also use a 3D-rendered preview of the board instead of the stylized one:

Making your first diagram easy. Just install Pinion and then follow the walkthrough.

Pinion is broken. What can I do about it?

If something is not working as expected, please open an issue on GitHub. Please, provide as many resources as possible and clear instructions on reproduction of the bug.

If you have a proposal for a new feature or you are just unsure about Pinion usage, you can start a discussion on GitHub.

Do you enjoy Pinion or does it save your time?

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